Interesting Tips and cheats for Garena free fire

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Action games always maintain the top level in other types of games. The entire world is very crazy about action game because they look like an action movie. If you are fanatic about any shooting and survival based game, then Garena free fire is the excellent option for you. Garena free fire is confined to great guns and some survival tasks. If you are not adroit in the game, then it is tough to survive in it. Learning of gameplay make you very skilled and you become the winner of the game. First of all, you should read about some tips for playing Garena free fire hack diamond.

Just read out some tips and cheats

Survival in the game 

The game is a survival based action game. You need to know Garena free fire is not shooting game. The most important part of the game is survival. You should know all about the map of your game. In which one island with 49 other player and everyone wants to stay until time stops. Each player wants to kill all of them, but it is not an easy task. It requires a unique strategy this will make your gameplay unique.

Escape from crowdy place to land

In island full of enemies, so you select the strange area. In the starting of the game, you have not any weapons or any other defeating items. This will happen when you completely understand the map of the game. Complete your first step and get some useful weapons and items namely guns, medical kit, grenade and many more.

Headphones for useful warning

You alert with some firing and enemies driving vehicle sounds by using headphones. This will help you in covering yourself. You instant react if any other trying to shoot. Another side, if you are not wearing headphones, then you misses those warnings.